Lesson Worksheet: The Mean of a Data Set Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the mean of a set of whole numbers or decimals.


Which of the following data sets has a mean of 59?

  • A52, 76, 23, 50, 15
  • B81, 34, 85, 21, 76
  • C74, 79, 27, 59, 56
  • D90, 64, 49, 13, 50
  • E11, 50, 21, 72, 48


Noah has the following data: 18, 𝑚, 11, 15.

If the mean is 13, find the value of 𝑚.


What is the mean of the following numbers: 6, 4, 5, 3, 5, 1?


Find the mean of the values 15, 20, 37, 43, 13, 34, 41, and 39.


Find the mean of the set of data in the line plot. If necessary, write your answer to the nearest tenth.


The mean of the given data set is 7. Find the missing value 𝑥.



Given that the mean of the marks of 9 students is 45, determine the sum of their marks.


If the mean age of two people is 50 and one of the people is 54 years old, how old is the other person?


The 6 most recent customers at a bookstore bought the following numbers of books: 3 books, 2 books, 2 books, 2 books, 4 books, and 5 books. What is the mean number of books bought?


Table shows the distribution of the wages of 250 factory workers. Find the mean wage received.

Wages in Pounds10–1920–2930–3940–4950–5960–69
Number of Workers4932𝑘𝑘+55034

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