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Worksheet: Defining Equipotential Surfaces


In a region containing an electric field, equipotential surfaces have the potentials of V for m, V for m, and V for m. What is the electric field in this region?

  • A V/m
  • B V/m
  • C V/m
  • D V/m
  • E V/m


A pair of parallel plates have a uniform charge density of 2 . 0 × 1 0 9 C/m2. What is the distance between equipotential surfaces parallel to the plates for which the potential differences from each other equal 25 V?


A very large sheet of insulating material has had an excess of electrons placed on it to a surface charge density of 3 . 0 0 nC/m2.

What is the spacing between equipotential surfaces that differ in potential by 1.00 V?