Lesson Worksheet: Animal Life Cycles Science • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the stages of life cycles and comparing the life cycles of different animals.


Plants begin life as seeds and owls begin life as eggs. How does the life cycle of an insect begin?

  • AAs a seed
  • BAs a pupa
  • CAs an egg
  • DAs a larva


Mosquito eggs grow into larvae. What do a plant seeds grow into?

  • AAn adult plant
  • BA flower
  • CA seedling
  • DA fruit


Below are the life cycles of a mammal (dog) and an amphibian. Amphibians, insects, and birds lay eggs which hatch into young. What do mammals give birth to?

  • APuppies
  • BLive young
  • CSeeds
  • DTadpoles
  • EEggs


The life cycle of a mosquito is shown below. Mosquitos start life as eggs. How does the life cycle of a plant begin?

  • AWith pollen
  • BWith an egg
  • CWith a seedling
  • DWith a seed


The diagram shows the life cycle of a frog. Which stage in the life cycle comes after the eggs?

  • AA tadpole with two legs
  • BThe tadpole
  • CThe embryo


The life cycle of an owl is shown below. Owls begin life as an egg and grow into a fledgling (baby owl). What is the name of a young plant?

  • ASeedling
  • BPlant
  • CFlower
  • DSeed


Which animals give birth to live young?

  • ADucks
  • BAnts
  • CWorms
  • DDogs


Fill in the blank: Mammals give birth to their young, while birds lay eggs that their young out of.

  • Ahatch
  • Bare reproduced
  • Care birthed


Which of the following animals’ young hatch from eggs?

  • ACats
  • BDeer
  • CRabbits
  • DFish


What is a frog called before it goes through metamorphosis during its growth stage?

  • AA frog
  • BAn egg
  • CA tadpole
  • DA larva

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