Lesson Worksheet: Active Transport Biology

In this worksheet, we will practice describing different examples of active transport processes that occur across the cell membrane.


Which membrane component is required to transport both sodium and potassium ions across the cell membrane against their concentration gradients?

  • APhospholipid
  • BExtrinsic protein
  • CGlycolipid
  • DChannel protein
  • ECarrier protein


Different mechanisms exist for transporting materials across membranes.

Which of the following processes are the reverse of each other?

  • AEndocytosis and pinocytosis
  • BEndocytosis and phagocytosis
  • CPhagocytosis and pinocytosis
  • DExocytosis and endocytosis

Which of the given processes require energy?

  • Exocytosis
  • Phagocytosis
  • Pinocytosis
  • APhagocytosis only
  • BNone of them
  • CPhagocytosis and pinocytosis
  • DExocytosis only
  • EAll of them


The figure shows the events that occur during active transport.

Substance X remains bound to the protein, causing a conformational change.

What is X?

  • AADP
  • BPhosphate
  • CGlucose
  • DATP

What chemical reaction transfers the energy for active transport?

  • AATP ADP + Pi
  • BADP ATP + Pi
  • CATP + Pi ADP
  • DADP + Pi ATP


The figure below shows a sodium–potassium pump.

What is the correct sequence of events that happen next?

  • AY W V Z X
  • BV X Y Z W
  • CX Z W V Y
  • DY Z W V X
  • EW V X Y Z


The figure shows three different transport systems.

Which transport system is responsible for active glucose uptake in the brush border of the ileum?

  • ASymport
  • BUniport
  • CAntiport


Complete the following: In active transport, substances move their concentration gradient across a membrane, from a region of concentration to a region of concentration.

  • Aagainst, high, low
  • Bdown, low, high
  • Cagainst, low, high
  • Ddown, high, low

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