Worksheet: Dividing Unit Fractions by Whole Numbers

In this worksheet, we will practice dividing a unit fraction and a whole number by using the number line or models and using this to solve real-world problems.


A parking lot that is 14 of an acre is to be divided into 9 equally sized areas. Determine the size of each area.

  • A136 ac
  • B834 ac
  • C36 ac
  • D214 ac
  • E914 ac


David devoted 14 of his day to study, exercise, play a video game, and surf the web. Given that he spent the same amount of time on each of these activities, what fraction of his day did he spend studying?

  • A116
  • B120
  • C124
  • D18
  • E112


What is 14 divided by 3?

  • A12
  • B134
  • C34
  • D112
  • E43


Two-thirds of a cake is divided equally into four pieces. The diagram shows this situation. The cake was divided first into three parts to identify two-thirds of the cake and then divided into four to get four pieces from the two-thirds.

How many fractional units are there after these two divisions?

How many units is one piece of cake?

What fraction, in its simplest form, of the cake is that?

  • A12
  • B16
  • C13
  • D18
  • E112


Half a liter of milk is poured equally into three mugs.

Use the diagram to find the quantity of milk in each mug.

  • A32 L
  • B23 L
  • C13 L
  • D12 L
  • E16 L

Which of the following number sentences describes this situation?

  • A13×2=23
  • B12÷3=36÷3=16
  • C12×3=32
  • D1÷3=13
  • E13÷2=26÷2=16


After a party, 15 of a large pizza was left. If this leftover pizza is shared equally among 4 people, find the fraction of the whole pizza that each one receives.

  • A9
  • B120
  • C20
  • D19
  • E45


Use the number line to calculate 13÷7.

  • A121
  • B10
  • C21
  • D37
  • E110


Find 15÷7.

  • A112
  • B12
  • C35
  • D142
  • E135


What is 15 divided by 4?

  • A20
  • B215
  • C54
  • D45
  • E120


Mia bought 12 a kilogram of apples. She wants to split it equally between herself and 4 friends. How much will each one of the 5 take?

  • A10 kg
  • B110 kg
  • C18 kg
  • D8 kg
  • E52 kg


Use the model to calculate 15÷3.

  • A8
  • B35
  • C15
  • D18
  • E115


Select the figure that represents 18÷3.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


Half a one-liter water bottle is shared equally between two glasses of equal size. What quantity of water is there in each glass?

  • A12 L
  • B14 L
  • C34 L
  • D1 L
  • E2 L


Michael divided a circle into 2 equal parts.

He then divided one half into 3 equal parts and shaded one of them.

What fraction represents the shaded part?

  • A15
  • B13
  • C17
  • D16
  • E19

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