Worksheet: Comparing Groups by Counting up to 20

In this worksheet, we will practice comparing groups of up to 20 objects using a variety of methods, including modelling the objects in a group of ten and remaining ones.


Are there fewer dogs than ducks?

  • A no
  • B yes


Is 2 less than or greater than 6?

  • Agreater
  • Bless


Compare these two numbers. Which is greater?


Count the dots and compare.

The number of dots on A is the number of dots on B.

  • Aequal to (=)
  • Bless than (<)
  • Cgreater than (>)


Fill in the gap: 508+1. Use <, > or =.

  • A <
  • B =
  • C >


Use <, > or = to fill in the gap: 64 nine.

  • A >
  • B =
  • C <


At a parking lot, there is a red car that is 12 feet long, a yellow car that is 4 feet shorter than the red one, and a blue car that is 2 feet longer than the red one. Which is the shortest car?

  • A the blue car
  • B the yellow car
  • C the red car

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