Worksheet: Magnets and Force

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the effects of magnetic interactions between two objects that are not in contact.


If you place a paper clip underneath a piece of paper, what will happen if you try to lift it with a magnet?

  • AThe magnet will attract the paper clip.
  • BThe magnet will not lift the paper clip.
  • CThe magnet will push the paper clip away.


A class tested some everyday objects to find out which are magnetic and which are not.

Object Material Magnetic
Paper clip Steel Yes
Spoon Silver No
Ruler Plastic No
Nail Iron Yes
Key Brass No
Hairpin Nickel Yes
Eraser Rubber No

Which of the materials tested are magnetic?

  • ASilver, plastic, and brass
  • BSteel, iron, and nickel
  • CRubber, plastic, and silver


Select the household item that does not use electromagnetism.

  • AToaster
  • BCell phone
  • CMicrowave oven
  • DFork


Emma tested three different magnets to see which could hold the most paper clips.

The results are shown in the table.

Magnet A Magnet B Magnet C
12 8 4

Which magnet is the strongest?

  • AMagnet B
  • BMagnet C
  • CMagnet A


True or False: The further apart two magnets are from one another, the stronger the forces that attract or repel the magnets.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Which word is missing from the table?

Poles Facing N-N N-S S-S S-N
Attract/Repel Repel Attract ? Attract
  • ARepel
  • BAttract


Fill in the blank: As two magnets move further away from each other, the strength of attraction .

  • Abecomes weaker
  • Bbecomes stronger
  • Cstays the same


A magnetic field forms around a wire if electricity flows through it.

What name is given to this type of magnet?

An electromagnet-Cropped
  • AA wire magnet
  • BA bar magnet
  • CAn electromagnet


What name is given to the area around a magnet where its force can attract or repel objects?

Magnetic field-72 ppi
  • AMagnetic field
  • BMagnetic circle
  • CMagnetic center


The arrow shows the magnetic force acting on the paper clip.

Choose the statement that correctly describes the diagram.

  • AThe magnet is repelling the paper clip.
  • BThe magnet is attracting the paper clip.


Magnets sometimes have the letters N and S painted on either end.

What is the name given to the ends of a magnet?

  • APoles
  • BFields
  • CPoints


Choose the statement that describes what would happen to the magnets shown in the diagram.

  • AThe magnets would be attracted to each other.
  • BThe magnets would repel each other.
  • CThe forces are equal; the magnets would not move.


Michael and Natalie have made cars using magnets. Michael will use the north pole of his magnet to try and pull his car. Natalie will use the south pole of her magnet.

Who do you predict will win the race?

  • AMichael
  • BNatalie


There is a paper clip inside the ball of clay.

What will happen if Daniel tries to lift the clay with a magnet?

  • AThe magnet will push the ball away.
  • BThe magnet will lift the ball.
  • CThe ball will not move.


Which statement correctly describes what happens when opposite ends of a magnet are placed next to each other?

  • AOpposite poles attract.
  • BThe forces are equal; the magnets do not move.
  • COpposite poles repel.


What name is given to this type of magnet?

Magnet - 72 ppi
  • ARing
  • BHorseshoe
  • CBar


The magnetic pole near the North Pole attracts the north pole of magnets.

Which equipment uses this magnetic force to show direction?

  • AA compass
  • BAn atlas
  • CA satnav (satellite navigation system)

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