Worksheet: Two-Step Problems with Bar Models: Numbers up to 10,000

In this worksheet, we will practice solving two-step addition and subtraction problems by modeling them with bar models and writing equations.


1,422 cars parked in a car park during the morning, and another 637 cars parked in the afternoon. If there is room for 60 more cars, how many spaces does the car park have?


Three friends traveled different distances; the first traveled 1,010 km, the second traveled 1,132 km, and the third traveled 7,735 km. What is the total of the distances they all traveled?


Mason has three bags that weigh 3,478 kg, 980 kg, and 3,443 kg. What is the total weight of all the bags?


Noah, Mason, and Benjamin decided to buy a new laptop for their father. The laptop costs $1,750. Noah decided to pay $650. Mason decided to pay $500.

How much should Benjamin pay so that they can buy the laptop?


Ethan and Anthony are competing in a video game. Ethan scores 3,700 points. Anthony scores 300 points less than Ethan.

How many points does Anthony score?

How many points do they score altogether?


Three people are comparing the distances that they traveled in one month. Matthew traveled a total of 4,323 km, James traveled 3,312 km, and Daniel traveled 2,134 km. First determine which one of them traveled the longest distance. Then find the sum of all the distances traveled.

  • AJames, 7,635 km
  • BMatthew, 6,457 km
  • CDaniel, 5,446 km
  • DMatthew, 9,769 km


In 1 year, the number of newborn boys in a city was 4,122. If the number of newborn girls was 1,112 more than that of newborn boys, find the total number of newborns in the city in that year.


In a library, there are a total of 3,152 science books, English novels, and mathematics books. The number of science books is 1,023 and the number of English novels is 1,210. How many mathematics books are there in the library?


A zoo welcomed 3,545 visitors in 3 days. The number of visitors was 1,254 on the first day and 1,152 on the second day. Find the number of visitors on the third day.


A toy store had 3,627 carts and 3,364 bicycles. If 2,401 carts and 1,120 bicycles were sold, how many of each are left?

  • A3,507 carts and 2,244 bicycles
  • B3,617 carts and 2,244 bicycles
  • C1,226 carts and 2,244 bicycles
  • D1,226 carts and 3,617 bicycles


Find the difference between the greatest and smallest numbers in the list: 2,387,1,534,3,203,2,696.


The total number of students in a school is equal to 1,036 students. There are 325 students in the primary stage and 287 students in the middle stage. Use this part–whole model to find the number of students in the secondary stage.


Natalie wants to buy a new cell phone that costs 2,150 pounds. She has 1,135 pounds saved, and her mother gave her 680 pounds.

How much more money does Natalie need to save to be able to buy the cell phone?


Matthew saved 915 piastres in the first month, 940 piastres in the second month, and 985 piastres in the third month. How much did he save in total?


Ethan had 6,950 LE in the bank. Then he withdrew 1,166 LE and after that he deposited 1,304 LE. How much money is in his account now?

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