Lesson Worksheet: The Ideal Gas Law Chemistry • 10th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice using the ideal gas law, which relates the pressure, volume, quantity, and temperature of an ideal gas.


What volume of oxygen at 423.0 K and a pressure of 127.4 kPa is produced by the decomposition of 129.7 g of BaO2 to BaO and O2?


How many cubic meters of air at a pressure of 1.00 bar and 0.00C is required per tonne of FeO23 to convert that FeO23 into iron in a blast furnace, assuming that no flux is added? For this exercise, assume air is 21.0% oxygen by volume. The gas constant is 8.2057 m3⋅atm/mol⋅K.

  • A2.13×10 m3
  • B0.213 m3
  • C474 m3
  • D142 m3
  • E213 m3

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