Lesson Worksheet: The Human Digestive System Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the main organs of the digestive system, outlining how they are adapted for their functions, and suggesting ways to keep the digestive system healthy.


Which organ connects the mouth to the stomach?

  • ALiver
  • BLarge intestine
  • CSmall intestine
  • DGullet (esophagus)
  • ERectum


The figure shows an organ of the human digestive system.

What is the name of this organ?

  • AStomach
  • BGullet
  • CSmall intestine
  • DRectum
  • ELiver


In which part of the digestive system is water (but not food) absorbed into the body?

  • ASmall intestine
  • BStomach
  • CRectum
  • DLarge intestine
  • EGullet


Complete the sentence: The system is a group of organs that work together to break down food.

  • Acirculatory
  • Bdigestive
  • Crespiratory
  • Dreproductive
  • Enervous


Complete the sentence: Big molecules need to be broken down into small molecules so that they can be into the blood.

  • Aabsorbed
  • Bdigested
  • Cfiltered
  • Dexcreted


Complete the sentence: X are stored in the Y until they leave the body through the Z .

A Feces large intestine rectum
B Enzymes anus rectum
C Fibers anus rectum
D Feces rectum anus
E Enzymes large intestine anus
  • AC
  • BE
  • CA
  • DD
  • EB


What is present in the digestive juices in the small intestine that help break down large molecules of food?

  • ABacteria
  • BEnzymes
  • CFeces
  • DAcids


Food enters the digestive system through the mouth.

What is the function of the teeth?

  • ATo roll the food into a ball
  • BTo move the jaw up and down
  • CTo break the food into smaller chunks
  • DTo add enzymes to the food

What liquid is added to the food in the mouth?

  • ASaliva
  • BSweat
  • CAcid


What type of tissue moves the food through the digestive system?

  • ABlood
  • BBone
  • CMuscle
  • DNervous


The figure shows a 3D illustration of the inside of the small intestine.

What feature, seen in the image, shows that it is well adapted for its function of absorption?

Microscopic villi and capillary. Human intestine-edited
  • ALarge surface area
  • BPresence of bacteria
  • CMany blood capillaries
  • DThick layer of muscle
  • EThin wall

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