Lesson Worksheet: Food Chains and Food Webs Science • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice defining and describing food chains and food webs and using them to gather information about feeding relationships in ecosystems.


Look at the food chain below.

What are phytoplankton?

  • AConsumers
  • BProducers
  • CDecomposers


Fill in the blank: Ocean food chains generally start with phytoplankton, whereas land food chains generally begin with .

  • Aconsumers
  • Bherbivores
  • Cplants


Fill in the blank: A food web .

  • Ais the same as a food chain
  • Bshows how food chains link together
  • Cshows how matter, but not energy, flows in an ecosystem


Which of these statements is true?

  • AA food chain can show more information than a food web.
  • BA food web can show more information than a food chain.
  • CFood webs show how matter and energy flow in an ecosystem, but food chains do not.


Fill in the blank: In a food chain, the first organism is always a .

  • Aproducer
  • Bdecomposer
  • Cconsumer


What is wrong with this food chain?

  • AThere should be an arrow pointing from the bird to the grass.
  • BThe arrows are all pointing in the wrong direction.
  • CThe Sun should be labelled the Producer.


Which of these organisms could be added to the end of the food chain below?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Fill in the blanks: In a food chain, arrows always point from the to the .

  • Aorganism that is eaten, organism that eats it
  • Bpredator, prey
  • Cherbivore, carnivore


Does the image below show a food chain or a food web?

  • AA food web
  • BA food chain


Use the food web to name the organism that does not eat producers or consumers.

  • AKite
  • BGoat
  • COwl
  • DGreen plant

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