Worksheet: Antibiotics

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining how antibiotics can be used to treat bacterial infections.


What type of pathogen are antibiotics most commonly used to target?

  • AProtists
  • BViruses
  • CBacteria
  • DFungi


Fill in the blanks: Antibiotics destroy pathogens, whereas painkillers help prevent the person feeling the .

  • Aharmful, discomfort
  • Bbacterial, pain
  • Cfungal, inflammatory pain
  • Dviral, chronic pain


Which scientist discovered penicillin after allowing mold to grow on his agar plates of bacteria?

  • AFranklin
  • BFleming
  • CNewton
  • DWatson
  • EDarwin


Which of the following statements about antibiotics is incorrect?

  • AAntibiotics are safe to use on humans because human cells do not have cell walls.
  • BAntibiotics can only be used to treat bacterial infections.
  • CAntibiotics are used to treat infections caused by a range of pathogens.
  • DAntibiotics target bacteria by breaking down cell walls or interrupting essential processes.


Which of the following drugs is an example of an antibiotic?

  • APenicillin
  • BArtemisinin
  • CBeta blockers
  • DAnalgesics
  • ECodeine

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