Lesson Worksheet: The Human Genome Project Biology

In this worksheet, we will practice discussing the aims and implications of the Human Genome Project.


Which of the following best describes an allele?

  • ADifferent forms of the same gene
  • BAll the DNA within an organism
  • CA section of DNA that codes for a protein
  • DThe interaction of DNA with the environment
  • ESimilar forms of different genes


Roughly, what percentage of DNA bases are the same across all humans?

  • A50%
  • B0%
  • C<25%
  • D>99%
  • E75%


Warfarin is a drug that is used to prevent blood clots from forming in the body. Some people have mutations in the enzyme that breaks down warfarin, which leads to dangerous side effects. What is the best way for doctors and scientists to determine who not to give warfarin to?

  • ATake a patient’s written consent
  • BSequence the genome and look for the mutation
  • CTest them with other drugs first
  • DGive them warfarin and see what happens


Which of the following best describes a gene?

  • AAll of the DNA and RNA within an organism
  • BThe combination of different alleles that make up an organism
  • CA section of DNA or RNA that codes for a particular protein or molecule
  • DA section of DNA or RNA that codes for a specific carbohydrate
  • EThe physical appearance of an organism


Which of the following parts of the genome can affect how well medicines work in different people?

  • AMitochondrial DNA
  • BHydrogen bonds
  • CSugar–phosphate backbone
  • DAlleles


Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disease that affects the lungs and reproductive system of the sufferer. Why would someone with a history of cystic fibrosis in the family want their genome mapped before they had a child?

  • ATo determine the sex of the child before it was born
  • BTo determine if they were a carrier of the disease
  • CTo determine how easy it would be for them to become pregnant
  • DTo determine the characteristics of the child


A section of mRNA has the following codon sequence: 53AUGGUGCAUCUG.

Use the table provided to determine the correct sequence of amino acids this sequence of codons will be translated into, reading from the 5 to 3 direction.

Amino AcidGluMetHisThrValLeu
  • AMet, Val, His, Val
  • BMet, His, Thr, Leu
  • CMet, Val, His, Leu
  • DGlu, Met, His, Thr
  • EGlu, Val, His, Leu


What is a genome?

  • AThe lifestyle factors that influence an organism
  • BAll of the DNA within an organism
  • CThe physical appearance of an organism
  • DAll of the noncoding DNA in an organism
  • EAll of the coding DNA in an organism


What are the four nitrogenous bases of DNA?

  • AA U G C
  • BA T G D
  • CA B G C
  • DT G C E
  • EA T G C


Fill in the blank: One of the benefits of the Human Genome Project is determining if patients are more likely to respond positively or negatively to treatment based on their .

  • Ablood type
  • Bphysical appearance
  • Cgenes
  • Dweight

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