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Lesson Worksheet: Seeing in the Dark Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying how the sense of sight works and describing eye adaptations in nocturnal animals.


The sense of uses light to help animals gather information around them.

  • Asight
  • Bhearing
  • Csmell
  • Dtaste


have strong night vision due to the presence of tapetum lucidum.

  • AFishing cats
  • BPigs
  • CSquirrels
  • DHumans


What is the scientific term for the thin layer that reflects light at the back of the eyes of some animals?

  • ANocturnal animals
  • BMirrors
  • CTapetum lucidum
  • DRetina


True or False: Nocturnal animals need a source of light to see, while humans do not.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Tarsier monkeys and owls are nocturnal animals that have .

  • Alarge eyes
  • Bwhite feathers
  • Cfat under their skin
  • Dlong tails

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