Lesson Worksheet: Water Resistance Science

In this worksheet, we will practice defining water resistance and describing its effects.


Water resistance is a drag force that affects objects moving in water. Is a drag force a type of friction?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Jennifer is walking through the water in a swimming pool. When she tries to walk faster, she finds that it is more difficult to move.

Underwater of a Woman walking in the swimming pool

Fill in the blank: Water resistance when speed increases.

  • Adecreases
  • Bincreases
  • Cstays the same


Fill in the blanks: The diver is streamlined and this helps her move by the water resistance.

Female swimmer jumping and diving into indoor swimming pool
  • Afaster, reducing
  • Bslower, reducing
  • Cslower, increasing
  • Dfaster, increasing


Water resistance depends on an object’s surface area. Surface area is the space that the surface of an object takes up. Which of the following has the smallest surface area?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Scarlett has some Plasticine and is investigating how fast it will fall in this bowl of water. She molds it into different shapes.

Which shape will fall the fastest?

  • A
  • B
  • C

Why will it fall the fastest?

  • ABecause it is the most streamlined
  • BBecause it is the least streamlined
  • CBecause it is the heaviest


A rock is falling to the bottom of the ocean. What force is shown by the labeled arrow?

  • AMagnetism
  • BWater resistance
  • CGravity


Which image correctly shows the force of water resistance?

  • A
  • B


Michael has 3 Plasticine shapes. The shapes have the same weight. He drops each shape into a bucket of water. He times how long it takes each shape to fall to the bottom of the bucket.

Fill in the blanks.

The larger the surface area, the the shape falls.

  • Amore slowly
  • Bmore quickly

This is because a larger surface area creates water resistance.

  • Aless
  • Bmore


These two students are discussing water resistance.

Who is correct?

  • AEthan
  • BOlivia


Water resistance depends on the shape of an object. Streamlined objects can move more smoothly through water.

The toy submarine shown is streamlined.

Choose another object that is streamlined.

  • A
  • B
  • C

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