Worksheet: State and Path Functions

In this worksheet, we will practice defining and identifying state and path functions and explaining the importance of these variables in energy calculations.


Consider a process in which a system undergoes a change from some initial thermodynamic state (1) to some final thermodynamic state (2). Suppose that the thermodynamic variables of state are well characterized for both the initial and final states, but the path (through the variable space) between the two states is not well characterized. Which of the following quantities associated with the (1)(2) change of state process can not be determined without a detailed specification of path?

  • AThe work done and heat exchanged during the process
  • BThe change in the Gibbs free energy of the system (Δ𝐺)
  • CThe change in the internal energy of the system (Δ𝑈)
  • DThe change in the entropy of the system (Δ𝑆)


What name is given to the following law?

“The enthalpy change of a chemical reaction is independent of the route taken between the initial and the final states.”

  • AHess’s law
  • BDalton’s law
  • CRaoult’s law
  • DNewton’s third law
  • EThe law of conservation of energy

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