Worksheet: Start and End Times to the Nearest Minute

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the start time or end time of an event with a duration in minutes using number lines or skip counting.


Hannah started washing the dishes at 5:33 pm and it took her 25 minutes. At what time did she finish?

  • A8:15 pm
  • B5:08 pm
  • C5:58 pm
  • D5:15 pm


If the time now is 9:22, what will the time be after 34 minutes?

  • A9:36
  • B12:56
  • C9:56
  • D10:56


Liam takes the 7:11 am train to work, and the journey takes 26 minutes. What time does he get to work?

  • A7:37 am
  • B7:40 am
  • C7:36 am
  • D9:17 am


If Anthony started his homework at 5:20 am and it took him 50 minutes to complete it, when did he finish?

  • A6:50 am
  • B6:10 am
  • C5:10 am
  • D5:50 am
  • E7:10 am


10 minutes ago, James’s mum said, “Dinner will be ready in 25 minutes.” If it is 6:05 now, at what time will James’s dinner be ready?

  • A6:20
  • B6:15
  • C5:55
  • D6:30
  • E6:40

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