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Worksheet: Reactions of Alkali Metals


Freshly cut lithium tarnishes in air in under a minute. With which substance is lithium reacting when it tarnishes?

  • A Argon
  • B Nitrogen
  • C Carbon dioxide
  • D Oxygen
  • EWater


Why are the alkali metals lithium, sodium, and potassium stored under oil?

  • A They are sensitive to ultraviolet light, which the oil blocks.
  • B They react with the oil to form a protective coat.
  • C They react with nitrogen in the air.
  • D They oxidize if exposed to air.
  • E They are unstable if not in contact with oil.


What is the molecular formula of the compound produced when lithium reacts with oxygen gas?

  • A L i O 2
  • B L i O
  • C L i O 2 3
  • D L i O 2
  • E L i O 3