Worksheet: Adding to Subtract Numbers on a Number Line up to 1000

In this worksheet, we will practice jumping forward in hundreds, tens, and ones on a blank number line to subtract one three-digit number from another.


Look at how Michael added on a number line to find the difference.

Which of the following solves 451319?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Add on the number line to find the difference. 798656=


Continue adding on the number line to find the difference. 552428=


Hannah is subtracting using a number line. She adds to find the difference.

Pick the calculation she is working on.

  • A107421
  • B421+107
  • C421107

What is the difference?


By how much does 532 exceed 202?


Find the difference between 871 and 319.


Ethan and Chloe each have a bag of marbles. Ethan has 345 marbles. Chloe has 219 marbles. How many more marbles does Ethan have than Chloe?

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