Lesson Worksheet: Whole Number Division with Decimal Quotients Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice modeling and calculating decimal quotients when dividing one whole number by another.


The division example below shows a method for dividing 3 by 8. 3÷8=3,000÷83,000÷8=375375=0.375thousandthsthousandthsthousandthsthousandths Follow this method to find 1÷8.


Elizabeth has a ribbon that is 14 meters long. If she wants to cut this ribbon into 8 equal parts, how long should each part be?


Carry out this division and give your answer in decimal form.


Write the result of 93÷2 as a mixed number.

  • A4414
  • B4514
  • C4512
  • D4612
  • E4614

Write the final answer in a decimal form.


Madison walks a distance of 452 meters in 5 minutes. How many meters does she walk in one minute? Give your answer in decimal form.


Find the result of 134÷5 by calculating 1,340÷5tenths. Give your answer in decimal form.


Find the result of 119÷4 by calculating 11,900÷4hundredths. Give your answer in decimal form.


A group of 4 students intend to buy a birthday cake for their teacher. They choose a cake that costs £46. How much should each of them pay? Give your answer in decimals.


Fill in the blank: 21÷30=.



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