Lesson Worksheet: Verifying the Correctness of the Result of Subtraction Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using addition to verify the correctness of the result of subtraction.


A classroom has 35 students. If 13 of them are boys, how many girls are there?

Pick the equation which can be used to check your answer.

  • A66+13=35
  • B22+13=35
  • C2213=35
  • D65+13=35
  • E13+35=22


If you know that 4615=31, find the total of 15+31 without calculating.


There are 58 trees in the street. 14 trees are being cut down. How many trees will be left in the street?

Hint: After you subtract check your answer by adding. 5814=14+=58


I think that 7229=43.

Pick the number sentence I can use to check my answer.

  • A72+29=43
  • B43+29=72
  • C4329=72
  • D43+72=29


What is the number that can fill in the empty places?


Mona and Nabil have been asked to solve 9645.

Mona solves it and gets an answer of 51.

Nabil solves it and gets an answer of 31.

Who is correct? Use the vertical column method to find out.

  • AMona
  • BNabil

Check your answer using the inverse operation.

What number do you add to 45 to get 96?


Find the number that fills in the blank.

Hint: Subtract, then add to check.


You know that 3724=13. Is it true that 13+24=37?

  • AYes
  • BNo


Look at the expression 7639.

Choose a strategy and solve the expression.

Hint: You can use the vertical column method.

Check your answer using the inverse operation. Remember that inverse means the opposite.

Which addition expression shows the opposite calculation you need to carry out?

  • A37+39
  • B37+76
  • C39+76

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