Lesson Worksheet: Water Habitats Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying different water-based habitats and understand their importance for living things.


A habitat is the natural home of an animal or plant that provides them with food, water, and shelter.

A habitat can be on land or in water. Which of the following is a water habitat?

  • APolar ice
  • BDesert
  • CSavanna
  • DOcean


What is the name given to the type of the plant shown, which lives in the ocean?

  • ASeaweed
  • BSeagrass
  • CSponge
  • DCoral


The sea turtle can live on land and in water. Which of the animals given can also live on land and in water?

sea turtles on beach
  • AGiraffe
  • BBat
  • CBeaver
  • DShark


Name the habitat shown in this picture.

  • ARiver
  • BOcean
  • CPond
  • DLake


The photograph shows a swamp. Which type of habitat is this an example of?

Aerial photo of tropical swamp in vegetated wetland
  • ARiver
  • BOcean
  • CWetland
  • DLake


Which type of habitat does a crocodile live in?

  • AIt lives in water.
  • BIt lives on land and in water.
  • CIt lives in the air.
  • DIt lives on land.


The image shows the Everglades in Florida. What name is given to this type of habitat?

  • AWetland
  • BLake
  • COcean
  • DRiver


Habitats that contain many different plants or animals are called diverse habitats.

Look at the image shown. Is this habitat diverse?

Coral reef - colorful fish groups - sharks - ocean water
  • AYes
  • BNo


Rivers are water habitats. They are flowing sections of water that often lead to an ocean, a lake, or another river.

Which of these images shows a river?

  • A
    lake and mountain range
  • B
    underwater coral reef landscape1
  • C
    Summer green valley river landscape1


There are many habitats in an ocean. The picture shows a coral reef.

coral reefs

A coral reef is an ocean habitat made up of many small animals called corals.

Is this a diverse habitat?

  • AYes
  • BNo

Select a living thing that may be found in a coral reef.

  • APebbles
  • BButterfly fish
    Butterfly fish
  • CPrairie dog
    Prairie Dog-250

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