Worksheet: Water Habitats

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying different water-based habitats and some of the creatures that inhabit them.


A habitat is the natural home of an animal or plant that provides them with food, water, and shelter.

A habitat can be on land or in water. Which of the following is a water habitat?

  • APolar ice
  • BDesert
  • CSavanna
  • DOcean


What habitat is home to the crayfish?

  • AMountain
  • BRiver
  • CSavanna
  • DDesert


What is the name given to the type of the plant shown, which lives in the ocean?

Coral - 72 ppi
  • ASeaweed
  • BSeagrass
  • CSponge
  • DCoral


The sea turtle can live on land and in water. Which of the animals given can also live on land and in water?

Sea turtle on the beach-72 ppi
  • AGiraffe
  • BBat
  • CBeaver
  • DShark


Name the habitat shown in this picture.

  • ARiver
  • BOcean
  • CPond
  • DLake


The photograph shows a swamp. Which type of habitat is this an example of?

Aerial photo of tropical swamp in vegetated wetland-72 ppi
  • ARiver
  • BOcean
  • CWetland
  • DLake

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