Worksheet: Adaptation

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining some of the variations among members of the same species in terms of adaptations that provide a survival advantage.


What happens to plant and animal species that can not adapt to their environment?

  • AThey die out.
  • BThey hibernate.
  • CThey survive.


A jackrabbit has very large ears. How does this adaptation help them survive the desert heat?

Jackrabbit has very large ears
  • ABlood flows to their ears and allows heat to escape into the air.
  • BJackrabbits use their ears to absorb the cool air at night.
  • CJackrabbits flap their ears to fan themselves and keep cool.


What happens to a plant species if it cannot adapt to changes in its environment, such as a change in temperature?

  • AThe species will grow somewhere else.
  • BThe species will die out.
  • CThe species will shrink in height.


Some plants in the rain forest grow very close to the ground and have brightly colored flowers.

How does this help them to survive?

Orchid garden-Cropped
  • AIt allows them to get the most sunlight.
  • BIt allows them to attract insects to pollinate them.
  • CIt offers them protection from the rain.

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