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Lesson Worksheet: Skin Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the functions of the skin and carrying out investigations related to the skin.


Which of the following is one way in which the skin stays healthy on its own?

  • AIt does not make new layers.
  • BIt repairs itself by making new layers.
  • CIt allows new skin to fall off.


Which of the following is a protective function of the skin?

  • AKeeping the body temperature constant
  • BAllowing germs into the body
  • CAllowing oxygen to leave the body


Anthony and Elizabeth were discussing ways to keep the skin healthy.

Which student is correct?

  • AAnthony
  • BThey are both correct.
  • CElizabeth
  • DNeither of them is correct.


Pick the largest organ in the human body.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


The skin, heart, and lungs are examples of organs.

Fill in the blank: An organ is a that has a specific function.

  • Asystem
  • Bcell
  • Cbody part
  • Dtissue


This is a diagram of the skin.

How many layers is the skin made of?

  • AMany layers
  • BTwo layers
  • COne layer


Jennifer wanted to find out the effect of sunscreen on the skin.

She rubbed sunscreen on one side of a piece of blue paper.

Then, she put it in direct sunlight and looked at it the next day.

Which side of the paper would fade?

  • ANeither side
  • BBoth sides
  • CThe side without sunscreen
  • DThe side with sunscreen

Does sunscreen help protect the skin from the Sun’s rays?

  • ANo
  • BYes


Anthony made a list of ways the skin protects the body.

Which statement is incorrect?


Look at the image of an orange.


In what way is an orange peel similar to skin?

  • AIt does not provide protection for the orange.
  • BIt helps the orange grow.
  • CIt provides protection for the orange.


Noah and Scarlett are discussing how an orange peel is different from skin.

Which student is correct?

  • ANoah
  • BScarlett
  • CBoth

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