Worksheet: Condensation Polymerisation

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the formation of condensation polymers and listing some of their common examples and uses.


What name is given to the repeating structural units in a polymer chain?

  • AAmino acid
  • BUnimer
  • CMolecule
  • DPolysome
  • EMonomer


Polymers can have varying physical properties. Which of the following is an unlikely property of a polymer?

  • AFlexible
  • BStiff
  • CElastic
  • DStrong
  • EGaseous


Which of the following diagrams is most representative of a thermosoftening polymer?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Fill in the blanks: Polyesters can be formed by the joining together of many and .

  • Adicarboxylic acids, water
  • Bcarboxylic acids, alcohols
  • Cdicarboxylic acids, alcohols
  • Ddiols, carboxylic acids
  • Edicarboxylic acids, diols


Fill in the blank: Polyesters can be formed by joining many individual together.

  • Ahydroxycarboxylic acids
  • Besters
  • Cdicarboxylic acids
  • Damino acids
  • Ediols


Fill in the blank: Polyamides can be formed by the joining together of many individual .

  • Aamino acids
  • Bhydroxycarboxylic acids
  • Cdicarboxylic acids
  • Damines
  • Eesters


Fill in the blanks: Polyamides can be formed by the joining together of many and .

  • Adiamines, water
  • Bcarboxylic acids, amines
  • Cdicarboxylic acids, amines
  • Ddiamines, carboxylic acids
  • Edicarboxylic acids, diamines


Which type of condensation polymer is formed when the following two chemicals react together?

  • APolynitrile
  • BPolyester
  • CPolyethene
  • DPolyvinyl
  • EPolyamide


Which small molecule is lost when polyesters are formed?

  • AAmmonia
  • BCarbon dioxide
  • CHydrogen
  • DHydrogen chloride
  • EWater


Which type of polymerization is used in the manufacture of Terylene?

  • AReversible addition polymerization
  • BPlasma polymerization
  • CRing-opening polymerization
  • DAddition polymerization
  • ECondensation polymerization


Which of the following is a difference between condensation polymerization and addition polymerization?

  • ACondensation polymers are created from monomers.
  • BCondensation polymerization forms valuable polymers used in industries.
  • CA long macromolecule is produced in condensation polymerization.
  • DCatalysts are often used to produce condensation polymers.
  • EA small-molecule by-product is produced in condensation polymerization.


Which statement about condensation polymers is true?

  • AMonomers must have either a double bond or triple bond.
  • BCondensation polymers only have one functional group.
  • CCondensation polymers are only synthetic.
  • DForming condensation polymers produces two products.
  • EHydrolyzing condensation polymers produces hydroxycarboxylic acids.

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