Worksheet: Quadratic Sequences

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the general formula for the nth term of a quadratic sequence.


Write down the next two terms in the following quadratic sequence: 4,8,16,28,44,.

  • A88,116
  • B64,128
  • C88,128
  • D128,256
  • E64,88


The 𝑛th term of a quadratic sequence is 𝑛+𝑛+1. Find the order of the term that has a value of 183 .


Work out the formula for the 𝑛th term of the following quadratic sequence: 23,20,15,8,1,.

  • A𝑛4
  • B𝑛+4
  • C𝑛+24
  • D𝑛+24
  • E𝑛24


Which of the following is a quadratic sequence?

  • A10,12,16,22,30,
  • B10,13,14,16,18,
  • C6,15,17,22,33,
  • D11,13,18,32,50,
  • E8,14,16,32,40,


Find the number of terms in the quadratic sequence 6,13,26,,1,536.

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