Lesson Worksheet: Check the Denominators Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice adding two fractions with related denominators, 10 and 100, using models.


Complete the following fraction sentence with the missing numerator: 10+110=1.


Calculate 410+810.

  • A410
  • B1210
  • C1310
  • D1110
  • E1220


On his way to school, Bassem walked 610 of a kilometer; he still needs to walk an extra 510 of a kilometer to get there. In total, how many kilometers does Bassem walk to school?

  • A1110
  • B1120
  • C1
  • D110
  • E1210


Use the number line to calculate 810+310.

  • A1120and
  • B110
  • C510
  • D1210and
  • E1110and


Fill in the blanks: 0.35+25100=100+25100=100.

  • A35, 60
  • B25, 50
  • C25, 70
  • D35, 70

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