Lesson Worksheet: Using Double Number Lines and Tape Diagrams to Represent Ratio Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice on using double number lines or tape diagram to visualize equivalent ratios and describe a ratio relationship between two quantities. we will demonstrate this concept to solve word problems.


Find the missing number in the double number line diagram below.


Isabella records the number of eggs and cups of flour she uses to make a cake on a horizontal double number line diagram. Using the diagram below, find the ratio of cups of flour to eggs.

  • A12
  • B31
  • C13
  • D21


Benjamin drives 60 miles every hour. He drives 180 miles to his uncle’s house. Use the following double number line diagram to find out how long it takes him to get there.


Using the number line, find the ratio of the bonus to the number of hours Anthony has worked as overtime.

  • A21
  • B41
  • C12
  • D71
  • E17


There are 36 donuts in 3 boxes. Using the double number line, calculate how many donuts are in 10 boxes.


There are 30 chocolate bars in 3 boxes. Using a double number line, find how many chocolate bars there are in 10 boxes.


It took a racer 300 seconds to run 3,000 meters. Based on the ratio given and using a double number line, how long did it take the racer to run 2,000 meters?


Find the missing value, 𝑥, on the double number line shown.


It takes a chef 48 minutes to cook 4 dishes. Based on the ratio given and using a double number line, how long will it take the chef to cook 9 dishes?


The double number line shows the number of minutes that Liam needs to study 4 subjects.

Based on the ratio shown on the double number line, how long will it take Liam to study 3 subjects?

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