Lesson Worksheet: Multiplication and Division Eleven Plus

In this worksheet, we will practice solving problems involving multiplication and division.


All the students in Dev’s class are going on a trip to a theme park.

The cost for each child is £15, and there are 31 people in his class.

How much money will the trip cost in total for all of the students in the class?

  • A£60
  • B£455
  • C£460
  • D£465
  • E£46


Frozen pizzas cost £1.45 each.

How much does it cost to buy 7 frozen pizzas?

  • A£101.5
  • B£9.05
  • C£12.35
  • D£90.50
  • E£10.15


How many fives are there in 760?

  • A76
  • B152
  • C150
  • D380
  • E26


A baker bakes 350 small sourdough breads in a day. For each bread, they need 75 g of sourdough starter.

How much sourdough starter do they need in a day?

  • A425 g
  • B2.65 kg
  • C26.25 kg
  • D262.5 g
  • E2‎ ‎625 g


How many fives are there in 390?

  • A180
  • B78
  • C19
  • D39
  • E195


Melodie pays for an item in 4 monthly instalments of £260. How much does she pay in total?

  • A£1‎ ‎300
  • B£980
  • C£1‎ ‎040
  • D£1‎ ‎000
  • E£780


In a store, light bulbs cost £2.35 each. How much does it cost to buy six light bulbs?

  • A£14.10
  • B£13.50
  • C£12.00
  • D£18.80
  • E£16.45


Alba takes piano lessons.

One lesson costs £15.

If Alba takes 36 piano lessons in a year, how much do her piano lessons cost in a year?

  • A£440
  • B£900
  • C£450
  • D£540
  • E£435


Clare divided a whole number greater than 199 by a whole number less than 10.

The result was a whole number.

What is the smallest possible answer to Clare’s division?

  • A23
  • B20
  • C22
  • D24
  • E21


A scientist is examining some bacteria in a Petri dish. Every 5 minutes, they divide into two. After 30 minutes, there are 192 bacteria in the dish.

After how many minutes were there 48 bacteria in the dish?

  • A15
  • B10
  • C25
  • D40
  • E20

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