Worksheet: Substitution Reactions of Alkanes

In this worksheet, we will practice defining substitution reactions and writing and interpreting equations for substitutions of alkanes with halogens.


In the substitution reaction of methane and a halogen, which of the following halogens is the most reactive?

  • A Bromine
  • B Chlorine
  • C Iodine
  • DFluorine


The substitution reaction between methane and fluorine gases is represented by the equation: The bond enthalpies of the reactants and products are listed in the table.

Bond C F C H F F H F
Bond Enthalpy (kJ/mol) 485 411 155 565

What is the enthalpy change for the substitution reaction?


What is a substitution reaction?

  • A A reaction in which two molecules combine to form a larger molecule, with no by-products
  • B A reaction in which one reactant is substituted for another
  • C A reaction in which one molecule breaks into two smaller molecules
  • D A reaction in which one part of a molecule is swapped with a part of another molecule
  • E A reaction in which the atoms in a molecule rearrange to form a different molecule with the same molecular formula

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