Worksheet: Substitution Reactions of Alkanes

In this worksheet, we will practice defining substitution reactions and writing and interpreting equations for substitutions of alkanes with halogens.


In the substitution reaction of methane and a halogen, which of the following halogens is the most reactive?

  • AChlorine
  • BFluorine
  • CIodine
  • DBromine


What is a substitution reaction?

  • AA reaction in which one molecule breaks into two smaller molecules
  • BA reaction in which one reactant is substituted for another
  • CA reaction in which one part of a molecule is swapped with a part of another molecule
  • DA reaction in which the atoms in a molecule rearrange to form a different molecule with the same molecular formula
  • EA reaction in which two molecules combine to form a larger molecule, with no by-products


Which of the following substitution reactions is slowest at room temperature and pressure?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


When ethane and bromine are mixed and illuminated by ultraviolet light, they react together in a substitution reaction. The incomplete balanced equation for this reaction is: CH+BrX+HBr262. Determine the stoichiometry and molecular formula of the product X.

  • ACHBr242
  • BCBr26
  • CCHBr25
  • D2CBr4
  • E2CHBr3


Which two species can form 2-methylpropane via a Grignard reaction?

  • AFormic acid and bromomethane
  • BWater and 2-bromopropane
  • CFormaldehyde and bromomethane
  • DMethanol and 2-bromopropane
  • EWater and 2-bromo-2-methylpropane


How many products are formed in the monosubstitution reaction of butane and bromine?


Which of the following products is produced in the monosubstitution reaction of propane and chlorine?

  • A1,1,2-Trichloropropane
  • B1,2,2-Trichloropropane
  • C1-Chloropropane
  • D1,3-Dichloropropane
  • E1,2-Dichloropropane


How many functional groups does the following molecule have?



Which catalyst is used for the halogen substitution reactions of alkanes?

  • AX-rays
  • BInfrared radiation
  • CConcentrated acid
  • DUltraviolet light
  • EFine nickel mesh


Complete the equation. Ethane+chlorine+

  • Achloroethane, water
  • Bchloroethane, hydrogen
  • Cdichloromethane, hydrogen chloride
  • Ddichloroethane, hydrogen
  • Echloroethane, hydrogen chloride


How many functional groups does the following molecule have?

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