Lesson Worksheet: Place Value of Numbers up to 1 000 000 000 000 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice defining place values in the billions; writing numbers with 10, 11, and 12 digits in standard, expanded, and word forms; stating the value of any digit; and decomposing numbers in multiple ways.


What is the place value of the digit 6 in 156,309,827,207?

  • Aten billions
  • Bbillions
  • Cmillions
  • Dten millions


Write down the number given in the figure in digits.


Which of the following is equivalent to 55,376,535,526?

  • A50,000,000,000+5,000,000,000+300,000,000+70,000,000+6,000,000+500,000+30,000+5,000+500+20+6
  • B5+5+3+7+6+5+3+5+5+2+6
  • C5+5,000,000,000+300,000,000+70,000,000+6+500,000+3+5,000+5+20+6


Write 417,723,765,446 in words.

  • AFour hundred seventeen billion seven hundred twenty-seven million seven hundred sixty-five thousand four hundred forty-six
  • BSeven hundred seventy-seven billion six hundred sixty-five million four hundred forty-four thousand three hundred twenty-one
  • CFour hundred seventeen billion seven hundred twenty-three million seven hundred sixty-five thousand four hundred forty-six
  • DSix hundred forty-four billion five hundred sixty-seven million three hundred twenty-seven thousand seven hundred fourteen


Write 712 billion in digits.


Complete the following: 4,436,621,121 can be written as follows: billion, million, thousand, .

  • A4, 436, 621, 121
  • B121, 621, 436, 4
  • C4, 621, 436, 121
  • D436, 4, 621, 121


Which digit in the number 148,965,370 represents the million value?


How many digits form one hundred billion?


Express 3345 billion in millions.

  • A3,380 million
  • B338 million
  • C338,000 million
  • D33,800 million
  • E3.38 million


Find the greatest10-digit number where the sum of the digits is 18.

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