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Lesson Worksheet: Fossil Fuels Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing formation of fossil fuels and generating energy from them.


is the term for the rise in temperature on Earth.

  • ASolar radiation
  • BA greenhouse
  • CAcid rain
  • DGlobal warming


temperature and pressure are among the factors affecting the formation of fossil fuels over a time.

  • AHigh, short
  • BLow, long
  • CLow, short
  • DHigh, long


The generators in the electrical power station transform energy to energy.

  • Akinetic, electrical
  • Bsolar, thermal
  • Cthermal, solar
  • Delectrical, kinetic


Liquid fuels made out of corn or switchgrass are considered a type of .

  • Anon-renewable fuel
  • Brenewable fuel
  • Cfossil fuel
  • Dnatural gas


True or False: Turbines in power stations change thermal energy into electrical energy.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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