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Lesson Worksheet: Properties of Carboxylic Acids Chemistry

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and naming carboxylic acids and describing their physical properties.


According to IUPAC nomenclature, which acid is commonly known as formic acid?

  • APropanoic acid
  • BButanoic acid
  • CMethanoic acid
  • DEthanoic acid
  • EPentanoic acid


What functional group does a carboxylic acid contain?

  • ACOR
  • CCONH2
  • ECHO


Benzoic acid can be prepared from the oxidation of toluene according to the following reaction:

Which of the following molecular species is used to catalyze this reaction?

  • AAl(CH)253
  • BLiAlH4
  • CVO25
  • DZnCl2
  • ECrOCl22


Consider the following molecules:

Which of these molecules has the name 3-methylbutanoic acid?

  • A(B)
  • B(C)
  • C(D)
  • D(A)
  • E(E)


Consider the acidic property of the following compounds:

  1. Benzoic acid
  2. Acetic acid
  3. Hydrochloric acid
  4. Ethanol

Which of the following is the correct order of these compounds starting with the most acidic one?

  • A4, 2, 1, 3
  • B3, 1, 2, 4
  • C3, 2, 4, 1
  • D3, 2, 1, 4
  • E1, 3, 2, 4


Which of the following is not an example of a monobasic carboxylic acid?

  • ABenzoic acid
  • BOxalic acid
  • CButyric acid
  • DAcetic acid
  • EFormic acid


Fill in the blanks: Catalytic hydration of produces that is then oxidized to form acetic acid.

  • Aethene, acetaldehyde
  • Bethane, acetaldehyde
  • Cacetylene, ethanol
  • Dacetylene, acetaldehyde
  • Eethane, ethanol


The structure provided shows glycine, a molecule containing a carboxylic and an amine group.


What general name is given to the class of organic compounds that glycine belongs to?

  • AAnhydrides
  • BAromatics
  • CAmino acids
  • DAcid chlorides
  • EAldehydes

Which large biomolecules are formed from long chains of these molecules?

  • ALignin
  • BNucleic acids
  • CLipids
  • DProteins
  • ECarbohydrates


A selection of carboxylic acids encountered in everyday life is shown.

What is the name of molecule C that is often found in fruits such as oranges and lemons?

  • ALimonene
  • BOxalic acid
  • CDodecanoic acid
  • DCitric acid
  • EMaleic acid

Which carboxylic acid is also known as vitamin C?

  • AE
  • BF
  • CD
  • DB
  • EC

Which carboxylic acid is used as a defense mechanism by ants?

  • AA
  • BB
  • CF
  • DE
  • ED


Which of the following correctly compares benzoic acid and phenol?

  • ABoth are highly soluble in water due to hydrogen bond formation.
  • BBenzoic acid can react with sodium hydroxide, while phenol cannot.
  • CPhenol is more highly acidic than benzoic acid because the phenoxide ion is more stable than the benzoate ion.
  • DBenzoic acid is more highly acidic than phenol because the benzoate ion is more stable than the phenoxide ion.

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