Worksheet: Adding Money: EGP

In this worksheet, we will practice adding within 100 to find the total amount of money or total cost in pounds.


Ethan bought crayons for 1 LE. He bought a book for 8 LE. How much did he pay in total?


A child had 2 LE and was then given 3 LE. How much money does he have now?


If Chloe buys a magazine for 2 LE and a pen for 5 LE, determine how much she spent in total.


Natalie bought a pizza for 42 LE and a drink for 10 LE. She had 77 LE, how much is left?


A man had 30 LE and he bought a sandwich for 8 LE. How much money does he have left?


A man bought two toys for 43 LE and 31 LE. How much did he spend?


Liam bought three toys. He paid 30 LE for the first, 20 LE for the second, and 10 LE for the third. How much did Liam pay?

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