Worksheet: Dividing Three-Digit Numbers by Two-Digit Numbers: Long Divison without Remainders

In this worksheet, we will practice using long division to divide three-digit numbers by two-digit numbers in calculations where there is no remainder.


Michael wants to buy a cell phone that costs $150 in 10 weeks. Determine the amount of money he has to save every week to buy the phone, and find the amount he will have saved in 29 weeks if he continues to save money at the same rate.

  • A$15, $585
  • B$15, $435
  • C$5, $201
  • D$15, $5
  • E$5, $435


One cookie costs 25 piastres. If I have 425 piastres, how many cookies can I buy?


A school has 850 students and each classroom has 25 seats. How many classrooms are needed?


Find the quotient of 946÷43.

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