Lesson Worksheet: Rounding Numbers up to 1 000 000 Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice rounding numbers up to one million to any place value usingnumber linesand byconsidering the value of each digit.


Round 741,251 to the nearest ten thousand.


Round 741,251 to the nearest hundred thousand.


Round 741,251 to the nearest thousand.


Round 123,451 to the nearest hundred.


Round 589,485 to the nearest ten.


Fill in the blank: 752,365 rounds to 800,000 when rounding to the nearest .

  • Aten
  • Bthousand
  • Chundred
  • Dten thousand
  • Ehundred thousand


Fill in the blank: 456,897 rounds to 456,900 when rounding to the nearest .

  • Ahundred thousand
  • Bhundred
  • Cten
  • Dten thousand
  • Ethousand


Fill in the blank: 485,678 rounds to 485,680 when rounding to the nearest .

  • Aten thousand
  • Bhundred
  • Cten
  • Dhundred thousand
  • Ethousand


Jacob uses the given number line to round numbers.

Complete: Jacob rounds 478,532 to .

Complete: Jacob rounded to the nearest .

  • Ahundred
  • Bhundred thousand
  • Cthousand
  • Dten
  • Eten thousand


668,748670,000 when rounded to the nearest .

  • Athousand
  • Bhundred
  • Cten thousand
  • Dten

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