Lesson Worksheet: Properties of Carbon Dioxide Science

In this worksheet, we will practice investigating the properties of gaseous carbon dioxide and how substances burn in it.


True or False: Carbon dioxide gas can be easily collected by downward displacement of water.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


Fill in the blank: Unlike nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide gas .

  • Adissolves easily in water
  • Bdoes not dissolve in water
  • Cis colorless


A class set up an experiment to prepare carbon dioxide from calcium carbonate.

Fill in the blanks: When carbon dioxide gas is produced, the class it because gaseous carbon dioxide .

  • Acan see, has a strong odor
  • Bcannot smell, is odorless
  • Ccannot see, is odorless
  • Dcan smell, has a strong odor


Charlotte takes a lemon and squeezes it over a beaker containing sodium bicarbonate.

Carbon dioxide gas is produced, but Charlotte cannot see it. Explain why.

  • ABecause carbon dioxide gas is colorless
  • BBecause only a small amount of carbon dioxide gas is produced
  • CBecause the carbon dioxide evaporated from the liquid


A cylinder is filled with carbon dioxide gas and placed upside down over a lighted candle.

Fill in the blanks: The candle flame will because carbon dioxide gas .

  • Ago out, does not help things to burn
  • Bgrow larger, helps things to burn
  • Cgo out, is heavier than air


Fill in the blank: You cannot collect carbon dioxide gas using the displacement of water method because carbon dioxide gas .

  • Ais not collected using the upward displacement of air
  • Bdissolves easily in water
  • Cis collected using the downward displacement of air
  • Ddoes not dissolve easily in water


Fill in the blank: Unlike oxygen gas, carbon dioxide gas things to burn.

  • Ahelps
  • Bdoes not help


Which of the following is a solution used to test for the presence of carbon dioxide gas?

  • ACalcium carbonate
  • BMagnesium ribbon
  • CSodium bicarbonate
  • DLimewater


Is carbon dioxide gas heavier or lighter than air?

  • ALighter
  • BHeavier


Consider this diagram.

When a lighted magnesium ribbon comes in contact with carbon dioxide, it produces two substances. Jackson and Natalie are guessing what these substances might be.

Who is correct?

  • AJackson
  • BNatalie

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