Worksheet: Tissue Culture

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the processes of cloning in plants, and explaining the risks and benefits involved.


Which of the following best describes the process of plant tissue culture?

  • ATissue culture is a process that encourages sexual reproduction between plants.
  • BTissue culture takes small groups of cells from a plant and grows new, genetically unique plants.
  • CTissue culture takes small groups of cells from a plant and grows genetically identical new plants.
  • DTissue culture takes a large cutting from a plant and grows genetically different new plants.
  • ETissue culture takes a large section of a plant and grows identical new plants from it.


Plants can also be cloned by taking cuttings from a parent plant. How is taking cuttings different from tissue culture?

  • ACuttings only use the flower of the parent plant.
  • BCuttings grow from larger pieces of the plant grown in soil.
  • CTissue culture is cheaper than taking cuttings.
  • DGrowing cuttings does not require human intervention.
  • EGrowing cuttings requires scientific equipment and a laboratory.


In the early stages of plant tissue culture, a callus is formed. What is a callus?

  • AA group of small plants
  • BA group of specialized plant cells
  • CA group of identical, undifferentiated plant cells
  • DA group of genetically different, undifferentiated plant cells


Which of the following is a disadvantage of creating plants using tissue culture?

  • AIncreased phenotypic variation
  • BInability to control growth conditions
  • CIncreased allelic differences
  • DIncreased overcrowding in plants
  • EReduced genetic variation


A florist wants to try to create some pink flowers from some red and white flowers he already has. Out of the methods listed below, which is the one he should use to do this?

  • ATissue culture
  • BAllowing them to reproduce sexually
  • CTaking cuttings


A scientist wants to quickly produce many copies of an endangered orchid. Out of the methods listed below, which is the one she should use to do this?

  • AReproducing sexually with another plant
  • BTissue culture
  • CTaking cuttings

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