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Worksheet: Colligative Properties


Which of the following aqueous solutions has the lowest freezing point?

  • A 0.10 m C H O H 2 5
  • B 0.080 m N a P O 3 4
  • C 0.010 m C O 2
  • D 0.15 m C a C l 2
  • E 0.12 m N a C l


Meat can be classified as fresh (not frozen) even if it is stored at 1 C . Why would meat, despite being mostly water, not freeze at this temperature?

  • AThe water molecules are separated from each other in meat, and so cannot combine to form a solid.
  • BWater trapped inside cells is too strongly compressed to freeze at this temperature.
  • CA supercooled solution is formed, as proteins in the meat inhibit the nucleation of ice crystals.
  • DIons and other solutes in the water lower the freezing point.
  • EThere is insufficient space in the cells of the meat for water to expand when freezing takes place.


A solution of potassium nitrate, an electrolyte, and a solution of glycerin ( C H ( O H ) ) 3 5 3 , a non-electrolyte, both boil at 1 0 0 . 3 C . Which of the following statements is not true?

  • AThe solutions have the same freezing-point depression.
  • BThe solutions are both homogeneous.
  • CThe solutions have the same osmotic pressure.
  • DThe solutions have the same electrical conductivity.
  • EThe solutions have the same reduction in vapor pressure relative to pure water.