Lesson Worksheet: Classification of Animals Science

In this worksheet, we will practice outlining how a microscope can be used to study unicellular diversity, and describing the classification of animals according to body type, numbers of legs and numbers of teeth.


What is the best laboratory equipment to use to study unicellular diversity?

  • ABunsen burner
  • BPetri dish
  • CMicroscope
  • DHand lens
  • EWatch glass


The figure shows a member of the animal kingdom. To which arthropod subgroup does it belong?

Brown Scorpion in front of a white background-72ppi
  • AInsects
  • BArachnids
  • CLagomorph
  • DMyriapods
  • EWorms


Which of the following mammals is classified as edentate?

  • ASloth
  • BRabbit
  • CTiger
  • DSquirrel
  • EHedgehog


Which feature is used to classify arthropods into smaller groups?

  • AType of reproduction
  • BNumber of legs
  • CNumber of teeth
  • DTypes of teeth
  • ENumber of wings


Mammals can be classified according to the number and type of teeth. To which mammal does the skull shown in the figure belong?

Rabbit skull
  • ARabbit
  • BHedgehog
  • CLion
  • DSquirrel
  • ERat


In which habitat would you find a variety of unicellular organisms including Amoeba, Euglena, and Paramecium?

  • APond water
  • BHot springs
  • CSoil
  • DDesert
  • ESeawater


The figure shows Scolopendra, a member of the animal kingdom. To which arthropod subgroup does it belong?

Giant centipede Scolopendra-edited
  • AWorms
  • BInsects
  • CLagomorphs
  • DMyriapods
  • EArachnids


What am I?

  • I have 6 jointed legs.
  • I have one pair of wings.
  • I collect nectar from flowers.
  • ASpider
  • BHousefly
  • CAnt
  • DScorpion
  • EBee


What am I?

  • I have spines on my back.
  • I have front teeth that extend outward.
  • I eat insects.
  • AArmadillo
  • BCentipede
  • CSquirrel
  • DHedgehog
  • EScorpion

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