Lesson Worksheet: Classifying Quadrilaterals Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice sorting and classifying quadrilaterals by their properties and naming them as trapezoids, parallelograms, rhombuses, rectangles, or squares in as many ways as possible


A field is in the shape of a quadrilateral, with two straight footpaths connecting opposite corners. The footpaths cross at right angles. Given just this information, what can you say about the shape of the field?

  • AThere is not enough information to identify the shape.
  • BIt is a kite.
  • CIt is a square.
  • DIt is a rhombus.
  • EIt is a rectangle.


Is the following quadrilateral a rectangle?

  • AYes
  • BNo


In which two quadrilaterals are all the sides equal in length?

  • Arhombuses, squares
  • Brectangles, squares
  • Crectangles, parallelograms
  • Drectangles, rhombuses


Name the quadrilaterals in which all adjacent sides are perpendicular.

  • Asquare, rectangle
  • Brectangle, trapezoid
  • Csquare, rectangle, trapezoid
  • Dsquare, rectangle, rhombus
  • Esquare, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram


Which of the following statements about a trapezoid is true?

  • AIt is a quadrilateral with 1 pair of parallel sides that are equal in length.
  • BIt is a quadrilateral with 1 pair of sides equal in length.
  • CIt is a quadrilateral with 1 pair of parallel sides.
  • DIt is an equilateral polygon.
  • EIt is not a quadrilateral.


Name the quadrilaterals which have all four sides perpendicular to their adjacent sides.

  • Asquares, rectangles, and trapezoids
  • Bsquares and rectangles
  • Csquares, rectangles, rhombuses, and parallelograms
  • Dsquares, rectangles, and rhombuses
  • Erectangles and trapezoids


What kind of quadrilateral is the shape shown here?

  • Arhombus and rectangle
  • Brectangle and square
  • Cparallelogram and rectangle
  • Drectangle only
  • Eparallelogram and rhombus


Which of the following labels the given quadrilateral?

  • Asquare
  • Bparallelogram
  • Crhombus
  • Dtriangle
  • Ecircle


Fill in the blanks: A quadrilateral has diagonals.


State which of these quadrilaterals have exactly one pair of parallel sides: square, rectangle, trapezoid, rhombus, parallelogram.

  • Atrapezoid, parallelogram
  • Bsquare, rectangle, trapezoid
  • Ctrapezoid
  • Dsquare, rectangle
  • Esquare, rectangle, rhombus

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