Lesson Worksheet: Using a Formula to Find Volume Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice solving word problems about comparing volumes and finding a missing dimension on a rectangular prism, given its volume.


Find the width of a rectangular prism whose length is 46 cm, height is 15 cm, and base area is 1‎ ‎380 cm2.


Consider a rectangular prism of dimensions 8, 9, and 1 and a rectangular prism whose base is 7 and height is 8. Which is greater in volume?

  • AThe second rectangular prism
  • BThe first rectangular prism


Fill in the blank: If the volume of a rectangular prism is 26 and its base is 2, then its height is .


Consider the following table with missing values.

Length of a Rectangular PrismWidth of a Rectangular PrismHeight of a Rectangular PrismVolume of a Rectangular Prism
5 2 7
3 2 60

Fill in the blanks: The missing volume is and the missing length is .

  • A2, 60
  • B10, 10
  • C70, 70
  • D70, 10
  • E10, 70


Given that 405 cm3 of water is poured into a rectangular-prism-shaped vessel with a square base whose side length is 9 cm, find the height of the water in the vessel.


A rectangular prism has a height of 4 cm and a square base. Given that the volume of the rectangular prism is 324 cm3, find the length of the base.


A rectangular prism has dimensions of 9 cm, 20 cm, and 7 cm. A second rectangular prism has a height of 16 cm and a base with area 60 cm2. Find the difference between the volumes of the two rectangular prisms.


A rectangular-prism-shaped swimming pool has a base of length 64 m and a width of 56 m. If 28‎ ‎672 m3 of water fills it completely, determine its depth.


Find the width of a rectangular prism that has a volume of 39‎ ‎008 cm3, a length of 53 cm, and a height of 23 cm.


Find the length of a rectangular prism that has a volume of 10‎ ‎868 cm3, a width of 11 cm, and a height of 19 cm.

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