Worksheet: Percent of a Number

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the percentage of a number, including finding the part of the whole, and using this to solve word problems.


What is 12.5% of 408?


If 60% of a number is 48, what is 80% of the same number?


What is 80% of $10?


In a town of 58,800 houses, about 55% of the houses have pools. Determine the number of houses that have pools in this town.


Jennifer received a salary raise of 4%. Before the raise, she was making $37,300 per year. How much more will she earn the following year?


A butcher reported that his sales figures for the current year were 87% of last year’s figures. Given that he sold 2,990 kg of produce this year, determine how many kilograms he sold last year, giving your answer to the nearest kilogram.


Estimate seventy-eight percent of thirty.

  • A79
  • B42
  • C8
  • D30
  • E24


James’s MP3 player has about 230 songs. If he listened to 54% of them, how many songs is this? Round to the nearest whole number.


A company spends 45% of its expenditure on staff. Knowing that staff expenditure amounts to 20 million dollars, what is the total expenditure, in dollars, of the company? Give your answer in millions, correct to one decimal place if necessary.

  • A75 million dollars
  • B29 million dollars
  • C65 million dollars
  • D24.4 million dollars
  • E44.4 million dollars


Of the 325 residents in a neighborhood, 162 volunteered at the local orphanage. Find, to the nearest whole percent, the percent of residents who did NOT volunteer?


A police station recorded 127 complaints for theft last year and 158 this year. What percent of the number of last year’s complaints is the number of complaints recorded this year? Round your answer to the nearest whole percent.

  • A124%
  • B80%
  • C31%
  • D20%
  • E24%


Fill in the missing value: 634% of 400 kg is kg.


A tailor had 38.2 yards of fabric. She used 31% of it to make dresses. Determine, correct to one decimal place, the number of yards of fabric she used.


Estimate the following: 90% of 91.

  • A18
  • B19
  • C20
  • D81
  • E10


Mr. Matthew surveyed 302 students regarding their favorite kind of juice. The table shows the results of the survey.

Favorite JuiceMixed FruitAppleOrangeGrape
Percent of Students29%38%11%22%

Which of the following is the best estimate for the number of students who prefer mixed fruit?

  • A30 students
  • B60 students
  • C90 students
  • D120 students
  • E210 students


A collector sold his artifacts to 40% of the people who attended the auction. If 90 people attended the auction, determine how many people the collector sold his artifacts to.


Two shops have special offers available to buy the same t-shirt. The first one is a discount of 17% on a normal selling price of 488 LE, and the second one is a 13% discount on a normal selling price of 562 LE. Which offer will mean you pay the least for the t-shirt?

  • Athe first offer
  • Bthe second offer


Write an equation that represents the percentage of 15 out of 96, and then find that percentage to the nearest tenth.

  • A𝑛⋅15=96, 64%
  • B𝑛=15β‹…96, 1.4%
  • C𝑛=15β‹…96, 14.4%
  • D𝑛⋅96=15, 15.6%
  • E𝑛⋅96=15, 1.6%


The total cost of a meal in a restaurant is $41.87, including tax. If Charlotte left $8 for a tip, estimate the percentage of her tip.


What percent of 30 is 1.1? Round the result to the nearest tenth.


Of the 15 arrows shot by an archer, 8 landed on the bullseye mark. To the nearest tenth, determine the percent of those arrows.


The table shows the results of a survey about the favorite fruits of 600 people. Of those surveyed, how many do not prefer watermelon?



Using the frequency table, find the percentage who have reading as a hobby. Give your answer rounded to the nearest integer.

Number of Students71196538
  • A11%
  • B16%
  • C6%
  • D29%


The graph shows the results of a poll of 4,532 radio listeners. To the nearest whole number, how many more people listen to the radio in the gym than in the car?


Scarlett spent 58 hours studying English and biology this month. She spent 36 hours studying English. Which of the following is the closest approximation for the percentage of hours she spent studying biology?

  • A6623%
  • B2313%
  • C4813%
  • D1823%
  • E3313%

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