Worksheet: Surface Areas of Prisms

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the lateral and total surface areas of different types of prisms using more than one formula.


Work out the surface area of the prism.


Suppose the length of each edge of an ice cube is 19 centimeters. The cube is then cut horizontally in half into two smaller rectangular prisms. Determine the surface area of one of the two prisms.


Mark uses cardboard to build a box 30 cm long, 25 cm wide, and 20 cm high. How much cardboard is needed?


Work out the surface area of the prism.


Find the lateral area of the given prism to the nearest square centimeter.


A regular octagonal prism has base side 17 and height 19. What is its lateral area?


A student wants to make a net of the rectangular prism shown. Work out the surface area of the net that he would need to draw given that the measurements are in inches.


Determine the lateral surface area of a cube whose base surface area is 38.44 cm2.


If the lateral surface area of a cube is 100 cm2, find its volume.


If the perimeter of one face of a cube is 22.4 cm, determine, to the nearest hundredth, its lateral surface area.


The lateral surface area of a cube is 576 cm2. What is the perimeter of one of its faces?


Find, to the nearest tenth, the surface area of this prism.


Find the surface area of this triangular prism.

Hint: You can draw the net of the shape to help you.


Determine the lateral surface area of the given figure.


Find, to the nearest tenth, the surface area of a right hexagonal prism if its height is 14 centimeters and each of its base edges is 9 centimeters.


A metal rectangular prism has dimensions of 9 cm, 12 cm, and 2 cm. If it is melted and converted to a cube, how long will one edge of the cube be?


Given that the volume of a cube is 8 cm3, find its surface area.


A silver cube has length 18 cm. It is going to be melted and converted into rectangular prisms with dimensions 3 cm, 2 cm, and 12 cm. How many rectangular prisms will this make?


A silver cube with length 36 cm is melted and poured into a cuboid-shaped mold whose base measures 36 cm by 18 cm. What is the height of the new silver cuboid?


What is the volume of a cube whose total surface area is 96 m2?


A rectangular prism has a surface area of 382 square inches, a height of 7 inches, and a width of 5 inches. Determine its volume.


Two containers are full of mango juice. The first is a rectangular prism with inner dimensions of 35 cm, 33 cm, and 35 cm. The second is a cube with an internal edge length of 30 cm. All of the juice needs to be poured into bottles that have a volume of 775 cm3. How many bottles are required?


The summed area of two faces of a cube is 60.5. What is its total surface area?


A factory manufactures closed boxes with 50 cm sides. How many boxes can be made from 300 m2 of cardboard, given that 28% of it is unusable?


A cubic swimming pool has side 10.5 m. If paint costs 15 LE per square meter, how much does it cost to paint the pool?

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