Lesson Worksheet: The Electron Volt Physics • 9th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice defining the unit of an electron volt and converting between electron volts and other energy units.


What is 8×10 J in electron volts?


How many electron volts are in 1 MeV?

  • A10
  • B10
  • C10
  • D10
  • E10


How many electron volts are in 1 keV?


An electron is accelerated across a potential difference of 7 V. The electron moves in a vacuum. What is the kinetic energy, in electron volts, of the electron once it has crossed this potential difference?


What is 4×10 J in mega-electron volts? Give your answer to one decimal place.


What is 2×10 J in kilo-electron volts?


What is 30 keV in joules?

  • A0.030 J
  • B4.8×10 J
  • C5.3×10 J
  • D5.3×10 J
  • E4.8×10 J


What is 14 eV in joules? Give your answer in scientific notation to two decimal places.

  • A8.75×10 J
  • B1.14×10 J
  • C2.24×10 J
  • D2.29×10 J
  • E4.46×10 J


What is 930 MeV in joules?

  • A1.49×10 J
  • B5.81×10 J
  • C5.81×10 J
  • D1.49×10 J
  • E930 J


How many giga-electron volts are there in 1 J? Use a value of 1.60×10 C for the charge of one electron.

  • A1.60×10 GeV
  • B1.60×10 GeV
  • C6.25×10 GeV
  • D6.25×10 GeV
  • E1.60×10 GeV

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