Worksheet: The Human Skeleton

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying the functions of the human skeleton.


Pick one way to keep our bones strong and healthy.

  • AEat lots of foods containing vitamin C.
  • BEat lots of foods containing sugar.
  • CEat lots of foods containing calcium.


The skeleton has three main functions (jobs). It gives our bodies shape and protects our organs. Which of these is the third function of the skeleton?

  • AIt maintains our body temperature.
  • BIt helps us run fast.
  • CIt helps us move.


What attaches our muscles to our bones?

  • ATendons
  • BSkin
  • CJoints


This is a human skeleton.

What bone(s) does the label show?

  • AHips
  • BFemur
  • CRibs
  • DKnee

What organ(s) do these bones protect?

  • AThe kidneys
  • BThe heart
  • CThe brain
  • DThe lungs


What is the longest bone in the human body?

  • AThe tibia
  • BThe radius
  • CThe humerus
  • DThe femur


What joint is shown in the X-ray?

X-ray film of shoulder-72 ppi
  • AKnee
  • BShoulder
  • CWrist
  • DElbow


Select the correct bone to complete the label.

Which bone does the label show?

  • AThe skull
  • BThe hips
  • CThe shoulders
  • DThe ribs

Which organ does this bone protect?

  • AThe heart
  • BThe lungs
  • CThe brain
  • DThe liver


This is a human skeleton.