Lesson Worksheet: Geometry Vocabulary Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and naming geometry vocabulary such as "point," "straight line," "half line," "line segment," "plane," "parallel," "intersecting," and "perpendicular straight lines."


What is colored red?

  • Aa line segment
  • Ba line
  • Cintersecting lines
  • Da ray
  • Ean angle


Which of the following figures is a straight line?

  • A(a)
  • B(d)
  • C(e)
  • D(c)
  • E(b)


What has been drawn?

  • AA ray.
  • BA line segment.
  • CAn angle.
  • DA line.


What has been drawn?

  • AA ray.
  • BAn angle.
  • CA line segment.
  • DA line.


What has been drawn?

  • Aa line segment
  • Ba line
  • Ca ray
  • Dan angle


What is colored red?

  • AIntersecting lines
  • BA line
  • CA ray
  • DA line segment
  • EAn angle


Select the correct name for this object:

  • Aline
  • Bangle
  • Cline segment
  • Dpoint
  • Eray


What is colored green?

  • AA ray
  • BA line
  • CAn angle
  • DA line segment
  • EIntersecting lines


The blue car is driving on a road that is the road that the yellow car is driving on.

  • Aintersecting
  • Bperpendicular to
  • Cparallel to


What is the relation between the two straight lines?

  • Aintersecting and not perpendicular
  • Bparallel
  • Cperpendicular

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