Lesson Worksheet: Multiplication Equations Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice writing and solving multiplication equations.


A car was traveling at a speed of 32 metres per second. At that rate, how long would it take for the car to cover a distance of 2‎ ‎160 metres?


Use one of the given diagrams to solve the equation 7𝑥=133. Give the value of 𝑥.


Given that 𝑥×9=18 find the value of 𝑥.

  • A𝑥=12
  • B𝑥=12
  • C𝑥=2
  • D𝑥=2


What is the first step in solving the equation 3𝑔=110?

  • Asubtracting 3 from each side
  • Bdividing each side by 110
  • Cmultiplying each side by 3
  • Ddividing each side by 3
  • Eadding 3 to each side


If 96𝑥=96×55, what is the value of 𝑥?


Find the solution set of the equation 4𝑥=20.

  • A
  • B15
  • C15
  • D{5}
  • E{5}


A race car can travel at 222 miles per hour. Determine how long it would take for it to travel 888 miles at that speed.


Solve 3𝑥=30.

  • A𝑥=33
  • B𝑥=10
  • C𝑥=10
  • D𝑥=90
  • E𝑥=27


Find the solution set of 4𝑥=36 in .

  • A{36}
  • B{9}
  • C{9}
  • D{4}


Which of the following equations does NOT belong with the others?

  • A12𝑥=24
  • B10𝑥=60
  • C3𝑥=18
  • D4𝑥=24

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