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Lesson Worksheet: Time in Seconds Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice measuring time in seconds using stopwatches and clocks with a second hand, calculating durations in seconds, and making simple conversions between minutes and seconds.


Seconds are used to measure a short period of time.

Complete the following: In the given activity, jumping jacks take seconds.


48 seconds have gone by.

How many seconds are left until a minute passes?


Complete: 60=secondsminutes.


Fill in the blank: 1=minuteseconds.


True or False: Seconds are used to measure short periods of time.

  • AFalse
  • BTrue


For the given watch, find how many seconds are left until a minute passes.


Fill in the blank: In the given activity, one lap takes seconds.


Charlotte climbs the stairs in 42 seconds. She showed this using blocks.

Is this faster or slower than Elizabeth who climbs the stairs in 1 minute?

Hint: How can you show 1 minute in seconds using blocks?

  • ASlower
  • BFaster


A tutor gives his two students a quiz. The stopwatches show the time taken by Liam and Jacob to solve the quiz. What is the time taken by each of them, respectively, in seconds?

  • A10 seconds, 25 seconds
  • B85 seconds, 70 seconds
  • C25 seconds, 10 seconds
  • D70 seconds, 85 seconds

Who finishes the quiz first?

  • ALiam
  • BJacob


The two given stopwatches show the time taken by Amelia and Noah to finish one lap around a running track. Who is faster?

  • AAmelia
  • BNoah

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