Worksheet: Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers on Number Lines

In this worksheet, we will practice using a number line to subtract two-digit numbers from two-digit numbers by making jumps of ten and one.


Look at how Chloe is taking away using a number line.

Pick the calculation he is working on.

  • A6342
  • B6324
  • C6344

Find the answer.


Find the difference.

Hint: Jump back in tens and ones on a number line.


Look at how Noah subtracted 32 from 59 by taking away 3 tens and then 2 ones.

Use number lines to find the answers to these problems.


Look at the example:

Use a number line to find these differences.

Fill in the blank: 4713=.

Fill in the blank: 6723=.


Look at the number line.

Sophia started at zero, moved forward 41, and then moved backward 13.

Write the calculation that she did.

  • A4113=28
  • B41+13=28
  • C41+13=54

Use the number line to find the difference.


Pick the number line that finds the correct answer to 8743.

  • A
  • B
  • C


By counting back in tens and ones on a number line, find 5429.


Use a number line to find 7845.


Fill in the blank: 84=44.


Jump back in tens and ones on the number line to find 7648.


Which subtraction sentence matches the calculation on this number line?

  • A8053=27
  • B8063=27
  • C8035=27

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